Be it control and instrument panelling, test interface, bespoke interior harnessing or high voltage power distribution or transition cable assemblies we cover all industrial applications. Large gauge cable and wire requires and deserves the same quality manufacturing process as smaller fine wire processes.

We are proud to support Prime military equipment manufactures with design assistance and production of assemblies across a wide range of programs on Land, Sea and Air. Understanding the complexity and needs both for business and manufacture in this area is key to our success. Document control, quality planning and product delivery ensure long term client relationships endure. This is achieved with our dedicated J-STD/IPC-A-620 certified production operatives and our understanding of confidentiality, with cyber and supply chain security.

Electronic equipment provides assurance and safety for product, property and crucially people. Quality and reliability are fundamentals for hardware performing these tasks. We produce cable assemblies for countless life critical products not least for Ejection seats, fire protection, sensors, Satellites and signalling cables.

Specialist knowledge and understanding of what makes the best quality and importantly best sounding audio cable assemblies is an art. We provide our clients with that knowhow aligned with their design and often gold standard (and plated) requirements.

Materials used in different environments need to meet different specifications. When weight, size and reliability are incredibly important its necessary to understand those specifications and requirements. Our clients are leaders in satellite manufacture and we are proud to support them with our cable assembly expertise.

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