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Products and Services

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Conformal coating:

Certain applications require us to hard-wire the cable assembly to a PCB. Depending on the application we can complete this process by our in house conformal coating area. This is done manually by our fully trained and highly skilled operators in a controlled environment.

ITAR and Document safety:

We are well versed with the requirements of many of our clients for security and secrecy. We use where necessary encrypted software for any sensitive document transferal.

Supply Chain:

LINK Cable Assemblies Ltd is fully ROHS compliant. We appreciate that material content is a significant portion of each assembly. We utilise both Distribution channels for short term requirements and also have strategic pricing agreements direct with the OEM’s to offer competitive pricing on long term projects. We have long and successful relationships with most of the global interconnect manufacturers and offer all shapes and types of connectors on the market today. In most cases we can also offer an alternative interconnect supply chain giving you options at the design stage both on cost and function. Link has a significant internal parts warehouse which stores wire, crimps, connectors etc.  We also have stocking agreements with our suppliers to reduce our inventory, your cost and importantly lead-time where volumes permit.

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Control Panels and Box Build Assembly:

Cable Assemblies:

There are many terms descriptions for the products we manufacture; Wiring looms, wiring harnesses, loom and cable assemblies. From simple earth cables to 500 way cable looms, each assembly is made to the highest standards by our full trained operators. Solder, crimp, wire wrap and IDC termination  are all fully catered for on our training matrix and modern wire prep equipment is used for automation whenever possible. Invariably our clients require fully bespoke assemblies. We can build these assemblies based on the customers own design or from the design of our in-house engineering team.

Value add box assembly and hard wired control panel work is a natural step once the cable assemblies are produced. Most of the core skills required for panel assembly are in place from our cable assembly training.

Process based operator box build is a competitive alternative to costly electrician work. In supporting our panel shop we have supply chain for metal work, PCBA and plastic moulding.

As mentioned in the bespoke cable section we can offer a full CAD design service from our in-house engineering team who work with the latest software. While we appreciate many of our customers now have their own in house design departments sometimes due to workload/time constraints we are asked to assist. We also understand that not everyone has the resource or knowledge to do this in house. We receive many varying sketches/requests and sometimes handwritten – leave the rest to us!

Design, Prototype and Pre-production:  

Wire harness looms control panels manufacturing from protoype drawings

UK and Asia Manufacturing:

Link has the flexibility to handle all volume requirements, large and small. Prototyping for high volume is typically carried out at our UK facilities and then production is transferred to our long term partners in China.  Assemblies can be shipped directly world wide or to be held at our UK facilities for call off/kanban. Where production is not suited to off-shore production we have 2 x 6000 sq ft production units based in Bellshill Scotland. We ship daily to our global blue chip clients. This includes products built in Scotland and shipped to China! At all time our aim is to produce price competitive assemblies without compromising on quality.